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  Lemon Water based in Surat has a rich history in the water treatment, packaged drinking water and bottled water industries. Lemon Water is situated in pollution free area and total factory area of 11200 sq/feet.

Lemon Water has vast experience in providing pure quality of water for drinking and high quality water to industry. Lemon Water has highly qualified best educated staff and understands high quality water needs in manufacturing and production process. All sales and service personnel are ISI Certified
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Package Drinking Water :

Lemon Water provides packaged drinking water across the Surat city. Our Pure drinking water is processed by particulate filtration, reverse osmosis, softening and activated carbon ozonation and filtration.

Lemon Water is sources from ground and processed by latest    technologies of reverse osmosis & ozonisation purification systems.
Lemon Water utilize automated bottle washer that insures proper cleaning sanitizations of bottles.

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